NITC Alumni

NITC Alumni Association Qatar Chapter


   Qatar is fast becoming a favourite destination for many engineers, and there have been a recent surge of young NITC alumnus to Qatar. Currently, we have around 100 NITC alumni members at Qatar.

   NITCAA Qatar was formed in the year 1983, with Alichen Thomas as the Founder President and Abdul Nazer as the Founder Secretary. During the period of years, NITCAA Qatar has grown up remarkably, and is now an inevitable group among professionals in Qatar. Current office bearers include Yasir Muhyudeen Abdullah as the President, Mohan Sukumaran as the Secretary and Saheer Javad as Treasurer.

   NITCAA Qatar organize many Fun filled Get-togethers for the members and their families. Technical seminars and trainings are also conducted, which is beneficial to the members in their profession. NITCAA Qatar is an active member in Engineers Forum (EF) which is an apex body of all keralite engineers in Qatar. We participates in all the events and activities condcuted by EF. In 2013 NITCAA Qatar was the Second Runner Up in Overall Sports Championship as well as the Cultural Championship which is named Sargotsavam.

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